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Involvement of DBS and IRAS in making Singapore a Cheque-free Community by 2025

We are living in a digitalized world. Majorities of the people are enjoying the perks of a digital, hands-free mode to make payments and whatnot; however, businesses are still dependent on cheques to process payments for its personnel.

To digitalize the matter, DBS Bank has collaborated with Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) to introduce a […]

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Irredeemable collection of GST by GST-registered members

The tax season is just around the corner, and company incorporation businesses are required to look for reliable and trustworthy accounting services Singapore to take the matter in their hands. Working with the best accounting firm in Singapore allows a SME (small-and-medium-enterprise) business to enlist the prerequisites for the collection of GST and other trivial […]

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Disciplinary Advisory Implemented on Scam and Fraudulent Activities

Majorities of the self-employed and corporate owners are eyeing on the corporate tax filing season to file their taxes. During this time, a significant number of companies responsible for offering accounting services Singapore claims to file taxes for their clients—along with taking care of their taxes-related concerns. Nonetheless, the circulation of a scam email has […]

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Singapore Accounting Standards for Small Entities

The demand for accounting services Singapore has increased exponentially over the years. Several aspiring entrepreneurs are working with the best accounting firm in Singapore to maximize their business’ profitability and revenue. Majorities of the small and medium enterprises are leveraging accounting services to their leverage to procure a profitable revenue, and so far, the results […]

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Effective Bookkeeping Tips for Small Businesses

Hiring in-house bookkeeping accountant could be costly for most businesses; therefore, they choose to outsource their bookkeeping needs to the best accounting firm in Singapore. Having a functional bookkeeping system is a crucial part of running a business, and it ensures that the books of your businesses are updated and remedied on time as well […]

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How to build a positive work environment

Recent studies show that stressful work environment leads to poor employees performance, and focusing on creating a positive work environment could boost employee morale by a high percentage. It is no surprise that an average person spend most of its life working; therefore, businesses should focus on implementing an encouraging work environment to their personnel.
Working […]

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Kidney Specialist Penalized with a Heavy Fine Due to Incorrect GST returns

Extortion of illegitimate money in any unethical business is no secret by all means but, it has enabled the illicit practitioners to step up their game and scour a lump-sum amount from their returns. Word has it that a kidney specialist participated in the omission of businesses income by filing falsified GST returns, and the […]

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How to hire a competent bookkeeper for your firm

Bookkeepers are essential members of any growing business and they extend their services to businesses to prepare books and accounts for them. Opting to outsourced accounting services Singapore allows you to outsource the accounting concerns of your business to an experienced bookkeeper, so you could focus on the performance and growth of your business.

Similarly, a […]

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