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Sole-proprietor Reported with $1.28 million Trade Income Imprisoned with 6 months’ Jail & $740,978 Penalties

Ng Wee Kheng (“Ng”) is working as a sole proprietor of SME Grant Assist (“SGA”). He has been involved in providing the service of consultancy for the customers to make upon some Productivity Innovation Credit (PIC) claims. Well, it has been recently reported that he has been found guilty in a court session as in […]

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Role of Technology in Transitioning the Accounting Industry

Over the years, we have witnessed the accounting industry becoming an emblem of innovation, evolution, and growth. In simple words, the accounting standards transitioned from a manual book ledger to an automated system, and it has allowed businesses to improve its financial performance distinctively.

While there is always room for improvement, the best accounting firms in […]

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