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JM Management‘s Payroll Team works with confidentiality, deliver our works on time and compliance on all your payroll matter. We are also supporting a full range of scalable payroll in Singapore.

Our devoted Payroll Team assists our clients, regardless of the size of their companies, with high excellence and expert Payroll Services.  We bring accurate, well-timed Payroll facilities leaving the administration free from the stress of dispensing with workforce matters, besides giving them equanimity in managing their company.

Pay is commonly paid on a calendar monthly basis for full-time employees and daily or weekly for part-time workers. We process your payment instructions, generate payroll and statutory reports, bank payment files, as well as generate payslips for all of your employees to view through email or post out. We will also designate a dedicated team to address your Payroll queries and render advice on Singapore Payroll policies and practices. By outsourcing your Payroll administration, your HR team is able to focus on improving rather than managing existing business operations.

If you don’t have local in-house Payroll expertise, this will reduce your costs and the administrative burden of employing experienced Payroll personnel.

At JM Management, we propose Human Resource administrative and comprehensive Payroll facilities to tailor-fit the requirements of any company.  Our Payroll work consists of:

  1. Annual leave, medical leave or child care leave management;
  2. Audit support on workforce salary matters;
  3. Bank GIRO or check payment for Payroll amount due and CPF;
  4. CDAC, SINDA or MBMF compliance;
  5. Computation of salaries of employees based on their rate per month, day or hour;
  6. Computation for allowances, monthly flexible pay and overtime pay;
  7. Computation of Skill Development Fund and Foreign Worker Levy;
  8. CPF calculations and virtual submission;
  9. Email of payslip with password protection or posted payslip;
  10. Employee Bio data upkeep;cpfboard-logo
  11. Employee Leave supervision;
  12. Handling foreign staff tax and support on work pass;
  13. IR8A or IR21 Forms and compliance;
  14. Leave and Staff Master;
  15. Medical entitlement monitor;
  16. National service leaves and calculation;
  17. Overtime summation report;
  18. Payroll account and summary;Payroll Services
  19. Salary comparative report;
  20. SDF or FWL and Fund report;
  21. Unpaid leave payment;
  22. Work permit or birthday reminder
  23. Year-to-date Payroll summation report; and,
  24. Handling work pass application (EP, Spass and Work permit)

We always request all our clients to inform us the minute they receive any notice of resignation from their employees.  This is to ensure us a sufficient period to make ready the tax clearance of the resigning employee as may be as required as we are held responsible for any delayed submission of tax clearances to IRAS.

What we need from you?

  1. To understanding your company Payroll practices, if any, you would need to inform us company requirement on Payroll at the first engagement;
  2. Notified us the changes, new staffs, resigned staff and other documents such as leave application form, time sheet and so on. All the instructions can be via email.
  3. Monthly approval for our work done such as Payroll list and bank transfer form.

Benefit of Payroll Services from us

JM Management focus in rallying basic or complicated Payrolls, as well as supervising human resource tasks, in behalf of various businesses within Singapore.  Thus, by outsourcing their Payroll job to us, they enjoy benefits:

  1. More time to increase productive and increasing revenue;
  2. Our Team is trained and experience to provide accuracy, reliable and trusted services;
  3. Economizing time and expense effectively with no need of employing a Human Resource administrator;
  4. Keeping employee Payroll info confidential to staff entirely;
  5. Updating frequently for changes within Payroll software and statutory regulation;
  6. Supporting strongly technical matters through our pool of experts in the back office;
  7. Offering direct deposit for employees, and;
  8. As JM Management is not only assist you on Payroll, if you have any doubts on your company bookkeeping and accounting, secretarial, taxation and others more, we are also ready to assist you on these matters include company incorporation if you do have plan to register another new companies/ outlets in Singapore.

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