7 Measures You Can Take To Protect Your Business From COVID-19 Impacts


The emergence of COVID-19 has shocked many businesses resulting in a recession worldwide. It started in China- a major world economy contributor and spread through other nations, raising the economy’s concern. The pandemic led to various impacts, including supply chain disruption, school and workplace closures, and restricted travel, causing businesses’ damage globally. Evading the coronavirus’s […]

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Active Bill Collection To Improve Cash Flows

Most companies find it difficult to timely collect bills. Did you know billing and collection are among the aspects that directly impact a company’s cash flow? You may probably be thinking that your company can’t be affected because of the huge sums of profits it makes from income and revenue, but that doesn’t matter. There’s […]

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Resumption of Business Activities from 2 June

As announced by the Multi-Ministry Taskforce, we will be exiting the Circuit Breaker when it ends on 1 June 2020, and businesses will be allowed to resume activities in a phased manner from 2 June 2020. Please check here to check if your business may resume.


If your business is permitted to resume on-site operations on […]

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Guide on Important Cash Flow Advice for Businesses



We all know that the whole world including South Africa has been going through a tough time. South Africa President Ramaphosa has announced recently to ease down the lockdown situation which is expected to ease down the whole situation back to normal to a greater extent. In the middle of such a scenario, the life […]

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Important Guidelines to Choose Professional People to Create a Better Team

Have you been thinking about setting up your business in the Singaporean market?  If yes, then to introduce your company in the big market of Singapore and to achieve your sales growth, having a professional and competent team plays an important role.  To help you a bit, you can even take the guidance of incorporation […]

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The Multi-Ministry Taskforce has planned some basic strategies that are needed to prevent the further exposure of the infectious disease within different work stations as well as community outbreaks of COVID-19. Coronavirus does even spread when the infected person exhales the viral droplets or does constant coughing and when those droplets fall on the surfaces […]

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What are the COVID-19 Important Measures On Safe Distancing?

The government of Singapore has announced some strict and straight precautionary measures to reduce the risk of a sudden outbreak of the COVID-19.  During this whole period, the Ministry of Manpower has advised their employees and workers of that they should be staying back at their home during the Quarantine days and takes care of […]

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Important Tips of Safe Distancing at Company Incorporation Workplaces

In the current scenario of the Coronavirus epidemic with the global outbreak, almost all the countries have been severely affected by this virus. It has completely closed down the domestic and professional lifestyle of the people at all mediums. World Health Organization has been instructing the world to keep yourself at a social distance while […]

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