JM Management is providing company secretarial services, that will be act as secretary in your Singapore registered company. The secretary will handle results of business, financial, operational and legal duties for prepare resolutions, updating company profile and secretary register books.


Our professional fee for company secretarial services can be appointed from only $264 per year (normal fee is from $360 per year) for the first year incorporated with us.

Our basic secretarial fees are inclusive:

  1. Appointment of our company secretary (nominee corporate secretary);
  2. Compliance with Chapter 50 of the Singapore Companies Act;
  3. Perform Annual General Meeting (AGM);
  4. Prepare Board Resolutions;
  5. Filing of Annual Returns;
  6. Updating of Statutory Registers and records;
  7. Secretary supports (Phone call, Email, meet up appointment); and
  8. Reminder for deadline submission (two months before the deadline submission of Annual Returns)

JM Management is not only providing nominee secretary for basic secretarial services, we also do provide wide range of comprehensive secretarial services as and when requested by our clients. Details of services are as follows:

Setup or Expending Company or Business:

  • Incorporation of private limited company (Pte. Ltd.);
  • Registration of sole proprietor / partnership / Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) / Singapore branch of foreign company;
  • Renewal / conversion company or business types (Between Company / sole proprietor / partnership and LLP)


  • Allotment of shares capital;
  • Transfer of shares capital;
  • Reduction of shares capital;
  • Subdivision of existing shares capital;
  • Conversion of ordinary shares to treasury shares;
  • Company buy back of shares capital;
  • Redemption of preference shares;
  • Others

Company Officer and Company Registered Information

  • Change of company name;
  • Appointment / resignation of Director / Secretary / Managing Director / Auditors;
  • Change of registered office;
  • Change of financial year-end;
  • Change of principal activities;
  • Opening of corporate bank accounts;
  • Acceptance of bank facilities, and loans;
  • Others

Accounts And Annual Filings

  • Annual Returns (AR) filing for Private Limited company/ LLP;
  • Annual General Meeting (AGM);
  • Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM);
  • Payment for dividend;
  • BizFinx (XBRL);
  • Others

 General Statutory

  • All kind of Alteration of Memorandum and Article of Association (MAA)/ Constitution;
  • Strike off company;
  • Voluntary wind-up of Company;
  • All kind of correction of error filings;
  • Nominee director;
  • Nominee shareholder;
  • And many more

When Do You Need To Appoint Company Secretary And Who Can Be Your Company Secretary?

Based on the Singapore Company Act, all of the Company registered in Singapore must appoint a secretary within six months of the incorporation date. The secretary must not be the sole director in the entity.

You must ensure that your company secretary is residing locally in Singapore as foreigners are not accepted. This is because different countries have different statutory requirements of Company Act. To avoid the compliance being misleading, you may need to consider outsourcing your company secretarial services to the professional firm like us and check out our promotion rate above. It is from $264 per year appointment package. Alternatively, you may also can click the link below for contact us.

What Is Our Company Secretary Tasks That Required by Singapore Company Act?

  1. AGM and Annual Return – Yearly Financial Reports (Financial statements) must be done and presented to the shareholders. Preparing agendas and meeting records have to be completed in a certain time frame. You must complete your company accounting before proceed to do the financial statement. The financial statement can be use in Company Tax submission.
  2. Maintain Statutory Records changes – The statutory records need to be maintained and updated; to keep track of the company set up and statutory movement. It can be presented by AGM, EGM and/or Resolutions.
  3. Updating ACRA for Statutory Records changes – Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) requires all companies to update the statutory changes in the Bizfile system within a certain time frame. The purpose is to give the latest information to public for any changes or internal company update.
  4. Company seal – The company seal must be kept safely and properly used in company Memorandum & Article of Associations/ Constitution. Company seal will be act as “company’s signatory” on certain documents such as in bank documents, share certificates, minutes and others.


Benefits to Your Company If You Engage JM Management as Your Company Secretary:

  • JM Management have qualified secretarial team members, whom have more than 20 years of experience; providing professional works done to our appointed clients. You can entrust your company secretary roles and duties with us.
  • JM Management will remind you two months and one month before the due date of filings. Therefore you will not overlook the deadline despite your busy daily schedules.
  • JM Management provide 24/7 phone and email support. As and when you have any secretarial enquiries — we will ensure that we will reply to you within 24 hours, exclusively to our clients only.
  • You will have peace of mind with no worry after you appoint us as your company secretary, as JM Management are not only providing basic secretarial works, we are also provide special and comprehensive secretarial services (related with company shares, movement of company officers, Company Act related and others), as and when you need it in the cheaper cost. Give us a call for a further quote on special and comprehensive secretarial works.

Does Your Company Breach The Company Act?

It is not easy for a company director to meet the ACRA requirement and Company Act; especially if the company director acts as a company secretary as well. If the company have failed to do the secretarial works, it might be penalized by ACRA through penalties/fines or in a serious case the ACRA would give a summon and company director(s) would need to attend court.

Outsourcing a secretary, with experience, is very important. They will be listed your company registered officer as secretary and they will be in charge of your board procedure smoothly that comply with law.

Any of the Company Act breaches will carry severe repercussions, including penalties, fines, summons and criminal charges to either the company, company’s directors or both. JM Management can assist you on this matter and handle it through intense communication, ensuring that it will comply with ACRA and Company Act and close the case smoothly.

Please contact us and let us solve your issues as soon as possible.
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