Ministry of Manpower (MOM) Work Pass Division is aware that some foreign workers have been arriving in Singapore without their In-Principle Approval (IPA) letter for their work permit and MOM distribute this message to all of the employers in Singapore.

EP applicationAs an employer, you must ensure that the worker’s copy of the Work Permit IPA is sent to your foreign worker before he leaves his home country. This means that the entire worker’s copy in English and your worker’s native language(s) should be sent to your worker. Your worker should bring the entire letter in both languages with him to Singapore.

With the letters, your workers will face less delay at immigration. It is also in your interest to make sure your workers know their employment terms before they leave home. This way, employers can avoid disputes after they start work.

If employers have engaged an employment agent to recruit your workers, please remember to inform your employment agent to send the whole set of the worker’s copy of the IPA letter to your worker before he leaves home. Ask them for an acknowledgement stating that they will do so.

Full responsible by employer even though it is manage by your company internally or engage an employment agent, if employers are found to have broken the law, you could face a penalty of up to S$10,000.

To avoid any unnecessary compensation to the MOM, it is important that employer should hire an experience and keep up to date employment services to handle your worker permit process, besides this, employer may have more time to focus on their business growth. Or alternatively, please find out more services in our firm which we could assist you further in your company. To fulfil ACRA and IRAS requirements, you may interested in our 4 in 1 package designed for SME. Or you may contact us for more information.