Important Tips of Safe Distancing at Company Incorporation Workplaces

In the current scenario of the Coronavirus epidemic with the global outbreak, almost all the countries have been severely affected by this virus. It has completely closed down the domestic and professional lifestyle of the people at all mediums. World Health Organization has been instructing the world to keep yourself at a social distance while […]

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4 Tips To Expand Your Company Beyond All Your Borders

In the middle of massive communication or having borderless commerce, different companies have been making an effort to make their way into some new marks. But in order to expand the offshore, there is a huge requirement to outlay your time and resources.

Singapore has certainly made itself to be the main gateway to a few […]

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Sole-proprietor Reported with $1.28 million Trade Income Imprisoned with 6 months’ Jail & $740,978 Penalties

Ng Wee Kheng (“Ng”) is working as a sole proprietor of SME Grant Assist (“SGA”). He has been involved in providing the service of consultancy for the customers to make upon some Productivity Innovation Credit (PIC) claims. Well, it has been recently reported that he has been found guilty in a court session as in […]

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Role of Technology in Transitioning the Accounting Industry

Over the years, we have witnessed the accounting industry becoming an emblem of innovation, evolution, and growth. In simple words, the accounting standards transitioned from a manual book ledger to an automated system, and it has allowed businesses to improve its financial performance distinctively.

While there is always room for improvement, the best accounting firms in […]

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新年快乐! 2020

JM Management Early Wishing You A Prosperous Lunar New Year!

During this happy season, we will still be contacted. Feel free to call me should you have any accounting service enquiries. Or visit our website


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Important Things to Consider When Switching to New Accounting Software

Changing accounting software isn’t an easy task, nor it should be treated as one. Majorities of the best accounting firms in Singapore urge on switching or upgrading your accounting software periodically to keep up with modern accounting trends. However, most businesses aren’t too huge on paying attention to what version of accounting software they are […]

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Final Warning Issued by the IRAS to Businesses for Registering their GST On Time

The Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) has taken a note of businesses not paying their GST on time, and it has decided to take a severe penalty against the offenders. It has been reported that SMEs operating in Singapore refrain from hiring accounting services Singapore, and it keeps them from understanding the intricacy of […]

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Role of Digital Finance and Payments in SMEs

Role of Digital Finance and Payments in SMEs

The rise of SMEs (small-and-medium enterprises) in Singapore has enabled these businesses to hire accounting services in Singapore for miscellaneous reasons. For instance, the company incorporation based in Singapore are required to hire corporate tax services, payroll services, and secretarial services, as suggested by the IRAS. Additionally, there […]

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