Glennis was passionate about bookkeeping and accountancy; however, she couldn’t pursue a career in bookkeeping, as she had to stay home to take care of her daughter. Nonetheless, when her brother approached her to help him with his business’ accounts, she started working from home and prepared books and accounts on behalf of her brother. She aimed to make the business as one of the best accounting firms in Singapore.

While she was able to procure recommendable outcomes, she expected the bookkeeping process to be rather streamlined and implementable. Therefore, she started to invest in a paperless bookkeeping business, and she was able to put their business idea on the table.

Glennis attended the Business Networking International BNI meeting, and the networking business enabled the professionals to connect with aspiring entrepreneurs to discuss their ideas and get funding for their ideas. Each week, an aspiring entrepreneur was required to give their 60-second elevator pitch to get their ideas to the industrial leaders.

The industrial peers approved Glennis’ idea, and she was expected to garner a solid network of contracts to proceed further, and she started approaching professionals from various industries to build her client base. Once she was able to get started, she faced certain pressure to continue the business; however, she was able to overcome it.

When Glennis started her business, she was resistant to move forward and hire staff. Furthermore, she was learning about other branches of accounting payroll simultaneously to improve their knowledge; yet, she needed a boost of confidence. Also, she had to make sure that her business wouldn’t take a toll on her marriage and motherhood, she was reluctant yet, she was ready to get started with providing paperless bookkeeping or corporate tax services to her clients.

The idea of paperless bookkeeping secretarial Services was appreciated by most businesses, and they turned to Glennis to prepare books for their businesses. They were keen on the feasibility of the idea, and they were reported back the books within a short time. Hence, it attributed to the time-saving aspect of accounting, which further contributed to the success and growth of the business.

Bookkeepers are closely associated with a company incorporation money; therefore, one should build a trust-based relationship with their bookkeeper. Money is private for anyone, and it takes persuasion and encouragement to let businesses disclose their accounts to you. Of course, their information is secured by confidentiality agreements, but, it takes some time for clients to come around and trust you.

Nonetheless, paperless bookkeeping is one way to eliminate cleric mistakes when preparing books, and it gives business a leverage to report their accounts and books without prolonging the deadline. No one wants to use paperwork to file for their bookkeeping services; therefore, going digital or paperless is one way to ensure the preparation of the accounts.

Also, operating a bookkeeping Outsourced Accounting Services Singapore business comes with the responsibility of networking and connecting with your prospective audience; therefore, you should represent your USPs to appease your clientele.

Source: Xero