Extortion of illegitimate money in any unethical business is no secret by all means but, it has enabled the illicit practitioners to step up their game and scour a lump-sum amount from their returns. Word has it that a kidney specialist participated in the omission of businesses income by filing falsified GST returns, and the authorities now have charged the culpable person with a $1.8 million fine.

Lye Wai Choong, specializes in curing kidney problems and he has been working as the Director of Centre for Kidney Diseases. The participant has been ordered to pay a penalty and fine that amounts up to $1,794,627 for the pertinent offenses that include: two charges under the Section 95(2) (a) of the Income Tax Act for omitting its business income without a convincing reason. Additionally, the offender was charged with 4 offenses under the sections 59(2)(a) and Section 74(1) under the Goods & Services Tax Act for offering incorrect information of the GST amount to the concerning authorities.

The company incorporation or authorities are investigating the matter, and they are considering other potential offenses committed by the offender. Furthermore, the diagnostic and treatment centre was responsible for submitting bogus income tax returns without any valid and legitimate reason, and it resulted in income tax to occur as undercharged under the records collected and evaluated by Years of Assessment (YAs) of the years 2012-2014. The culprit was penalized with a fine of 1,389,709—as well as it was obliged to pay a fine of $7,000 on two various charges mentioned afore. Also, the authorities revoked the license of the specialist for the time being to settle the matter.

What are the penalties for non-compliance?

Many unethical and the best accounting firm in Singapore businesses are adamant on giving falsified information to the IRAS; therefore, there are certain penalties associated with the non-compliance act. Any business that is responsible for providing falsified or fabricated information in tax returns without a justifiable excuse would be penalized heavily. The indictors of the case may also impose a certain jail time on the offender as well as revoke their practicing license to keep them from continuing their profession.

However, if payroll services businesses have accepted their tax mistakes in the past, they should report to the IRAS on an immediate basis, and it would help them with mitigating the severity of their penalty, when it is time to take an action regarding the participant.

Furthermore, secretarial services businesses are encouraged to disclose the activity of illegal and illegitimate activities in their business circle, and the informant would be rewarded with up to $100,000 for disclosing the name of the businesses responsible for practicing malicious acts using their tax and income returns.

Many corporate tax services businesses capitalize on illegitimate tax returns; however, IRAS intends to reform this action by taking corrective measurements, and it has announced a severe penalty for anyone responsible for partaking action in such offensive activities.

Source: IRAS news