The government of Singapore has announced some strict and straight precautionary measures to reduce the risk of a sudden outbreak of the COVID-19.  During this whole period, the Ministry of Manpower has advised their employees and workers of that they should be staying back at their home during the Quarantine days and takes care of their health as much as they can.

  • You should be spending a possible time inside your home. Try to avoid traveling when you do not need it. Travel outdoor only if there is an emergency of medication stock or food stock and return home instantly.


  • Try to avoid getting into large social gatherings. You should avoid all sorts of physical touch or verbal communication with them as much as possible. This virus can only transfer from one body to another through physical touch. Never visit crowded areas and try to limit your gathering to just 10 people.


  • While working in some company incorporation workplace try to handle all your meetings through video calls.


  • Avoid shaking hands with anyone or sharing your food. Don’t get close to anyone and keep a distance of at least one meter.

Most of the Singapore companies like our accounting services in Singapore, we advised our workers and staff employees to bring their own utensils and do not share their meals with any other staff member of the workplace at any cost.

We make sure that our secretarial service meetings are in less physical contact with rest of the clients. We try to communicate via phone, email, Whatsapp, Skype, Zoom etc. Allow alternative arrangements to be prescribed where personal attendance at a meeting or class of meetings is provided for in any written law or legal instrument. Please refer to the latest Press Release by clicking here about the upcoming legislative provisions to provide legal certainty on holding of meetings.