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Choose a Suitable Accounting Service Provider for your Company

Singapore is the business hub of Asia, where in all types of businesses thrive from small, medium and large scale enterprises thrive. Accounting services in Singapore also thrive in this environment. Small, medium and large scale companies rely on outsourced accounting services to provide bookkeeping, taxation, incorporation and even secretarial services.

For you to choose on […]

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Businessman Faces Jail Over Illegal GST Collection

13 May 2015 – Mohaideen Bin Osman, or just called as Mohaideen, 39 years old and the sole-proprietor of the Forms Design International (FDI), was ordered to pay the total penalty along with the fine totaling to $38,589.93 by the Court yesterday. This was due to the unlawful collection of GST that has totaled to […]

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Outsource Company Accounting Singapore

In this modern world, it’s challenging to survive on bungling support, and as a result, most intellectual business owners are highly determined to ensure that they uses the most preeminent services. Accounting work requires enormous time to make sure that every data is right and accurate. Aside from that, accounting requirements and regulations being imposed […]

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A Certified Public Accountant was Sentence for a Six Weeks’ imprisonment for Tax Evasion

The sole-proprietor of the company Kung Seah Lim & Co and a Certified Public Accountant or CPA, Kung Seah Lim, was convicted in a court for the charge of willfully removing the corporate income tax trade amounting to $342,836.00 from his income tax return, for the Years of Assessment or YAs from 2006, 2007, 2009, […]

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